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We’re committed to creating a work environment that fosters creative thinking and encourages original ideas. Our team of top professionals in the algorithmic trading industry, with decades of experience, will inspire you to be your best and bring your passion and dedication to the table.

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Senior Software Engineer

Required to handle all facets of the system development and support for Algoteq proprietary and Clients’ products including but not limited to:

  • High-performance system design and architecture
  • Requirement analysis and specifications
  • Software product implementation employing Agile methodologies and other best development practices in Java, C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Perl, Unix Shell Scripting and other languages as required.
  • Automatic unit, integration, performance testing and statistics gathering
  • Detailed technical documentation
  • Product training and mentoring
  • Regular status reporting to the immediate line manager, Algoteq management and nominated Client contacts
  • Research and innovation
  • Along with the primary development team, design, build and maintain Algoteq technology and software development infrastructure.
  • Actively collaborate with all members of the immediate development and wider Algoteq team and contribute to their growth and professional development of their members.

We are looking for a smart, creative and passionate individual who is keen to push the boundaries, has a vision and skills to build awesome cutting-edge systems and help our clients grow.

The position is based in Sydney, Australia. It is a Senior Software Engineer role with very good growth prospects.

The candidate is expected to have sound knowledge of Java in the following areas: JVM ergonomics, JVM design, GC, JIT, interfaces and classes, closures, exception handling, serialisation, multi-threading, Reflection API, etc.

We expect deep understanding of and experience in the software design and architecture, the GoF, multi-threading patterns, networking patterns, HA patterns, distributed computing, algorithms and complexity. Experience in writing languages (general purpose and DSL), implementing interpreters, compilers, VM’s, operating systems and device drivers is a major plus.

We expect advanced knowledge of concurrency and multi-threading that stretches beyond Java. The candidate should be capable of implementing a bespoke multi-tasking solution (e.g. an OS scheduler) supporting cooperative, preemptive multi-tasking or a combination of both.

Understanding of fast IPC patterns and hands-on experience are greatly appreciated.

Strong knowledge of other programming languages such as C/C++, Assembler, C#, Rust, Go, Objective C, Scala would improve the candidate’s chances of getting the job. We always welcome experience in a wide range of scripting languages (e.g. Perl, Lua, Groovy, JavaScript, Python, Shell Scripts).

Extensive experience in Linux/Unix OS is essential.

The candidate is expected to demonstrate knowledge in financial mathematics, experience in the financial markets, problem solving abilities and excellent communication skills.

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